The differences between gold & platinum…

Metals 101

are an important thing to understand when choosing an engagement ring or wedding band. If you are unsure what metal to select, consider the following key differences:


Platinum is the strongest, most pure metal and because it is very resistant to damage it will easily last a lifetime. 18kt gold is softer and therefore not as durable, however it is the most popular choice for engagement rings.

Maintenance & Repair

Platinum will not wear away or tarnish, but it can take on a satin hue and, because it is so strong, it can be hard to repair or polish. Because 18kt gold is softer it can wear away over the years, but this also makes it more malleable and easier to polish and repair.


Platinum is rarer than gold, harder to craft and is therefore more expensive. Buyer beware – Not all platinum craftsmanship is created equal!!!