Welcome to Knar Jewellery

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Forty years ago, we founded Knar Jewellery to bring the very best of the world’s jewellery and timepieces to our local community. As we look back, we fondly remember our travels that helped introduce us to the greatest designers and goldsmiths across the globe. Passion, creativity, and precision drive them, and us, every day. We also take great pleasure in the wonderful relationships we have developed with our clients and associates, who have motivated us for four decades.

Our Spring/Summer book is a seasonal representation of just a few items from our outstanding collections. We hope that you are inspired to visit us to find your next treasured jewel or timepiece, while learning more about the history, craftsmanship, and thoughtfulness behind the brands we are so proud to represent.

A precious creation can bring joy every day, whether it suspends a moment in time, marks an important milestone, or simply makes you happy because you love it. We believe in and celebrate love, memories, and achievements – as well as the hands that create these meaningful objects of beauty. Enjoy the blooming of spring and all the delight it brings,

Greg & Jeff Buzbuzian and Staff